Membership Status. There are 2 primary types of membership/ways of joining. You can join through the formal application process as an individual, or by association when your school's VSA joins our UVSA.

1) Individual - a person that represents, gives thought, input, contributions, provide direction to the organization to drive our mission and purpose, including abiding to this Constitution.

This is comprised of individuals who:

  • currently hold Northeast UVSA Executive Board positions

  • currently hold Northeast UVSA Cabinet positions

  • currently are on staff/volunteer for Northeast UVSA events

    • Status is not retroactive and is on an event basis.

    • Once an event has ended, status will end.

  • currently are part of the Intercollegiate Council (ICC)

2) Constituent VSA - main constituent body that the UVSA serves. A VSA agrees to abide by the Constitution, recognizing us as their regional union. VSAs make an effort to participate in Northeast UVSA activities and initiatives.


As of October 8, 2018, this is comprised of:

  • Baruch VSA (NY)

  • Binghamton VSA (NY)

  • St. John's VSA (NY)

  • Rutgers VSA (NJ)

  • Hunter VSA (NY)

  • Stony Brook VSA (NY)

  • Columbia VSA (NY)

  • Fashion Institute of Technology VSA (NY)

  • Temple University VSA (NY)