The Northeast Union of Vietnamese Student Associations (Northeast UVSA) serves to promote the Vietnamese culture by providing opportunities for leadership development, collaboration among constituent schools, and philanthropic efforts to regional students and young professionals within the northeast.

Our dedication can’t be beat.


In March 2016, founders Pong and Yvonne met up after MAUVSA Advance Conference 5 to begin talks of reviving an umbrella organization, similar to MAUVSA, New England, and other regional networks (The previous org, known as "NEUVSA," existed but sadly disbanded in 2013). In June 2016, they came together with regional alumni to host Leadership Summit, a day dedicated to preparing incoming VSA leaders. The Executive Board later expanded with Karolyn Le (Aug 2016), Thi Nguyen (Dec 2016), and David Truong (June 2017). Throughout Q1 and Q2 of 2017, these leaders hosted events to foster leadership, friendship, and cultural appreciation. On October 30th, 2017, six schools signed and ratified the constitution, officially recognizing Northeast UVSA as their primary regional organization. 

Our logo was finalized on May 8, 2018 with each element of the image representing our constituents, the 9 founding member schools, Vietnam's national flower (the lotus), and our continual growth as an organization and family.