Past Members

This page commemorates and records former Northeast UVSA E-board, Cabinet, ICC, and event staff/volunteers. To remain or get involved, click here.




Event Staff

Alumni Panel Spring 17

  • Blossom Chen, Marketing Director
  • Kenneth Li, Programming Director
  • David Truong, Registration Director

Leadership Summit Spring 17

  • Robert Zheng, Staff
  • Paul Nguyen, Staff
  • Calvin Lin, Staff
  • Joanne Trac, Staff
  • Kenny Blando, Staff
  • Jack Cheng, Staff
  • Andy Zheng, Staff
  • Thomas Reyes, Project Volunteer
  • Eric Yao, Media Volunteer

Back to School Mixer

  • Paul Nguyen
  • Thi Nguyen
  • Dao Phan
  • Calvin Lin
  • Jack Cheng
  • Robert Zheng
  • Kevin Ha

Leadership Summit Summer 16

  • Yvonne Duong, Executive Director
  • Pong Muangchan, Executive Director
  • Thi Nguyen, Food Director
  • Andy Bui, Food Committee
  • Andy Zheng, Food, Sponsorship Committee
  • Karolyn Le, Games Co-Director
  • Veronica Leong, Games Co-Director
  • Paul Nguyen, Games Committee
  • Jack Cheng, Games Committee
  • Jimmy Qu, Games Committee
  • Bonnie Duong, Logistics Director
  • Kenny Blando, Logistics Committee
  • James Wang, Logistics Committee
  • Erin Chen, Logistics Committee
  • Jennifer Vu, Logistics Committee
  • Thomas Reyes, Media Director
  • Calvin Lin, Media, Food Committee
  • David Truong, Sponsorship Committee
  • Kevin Ha, Volunteer